The master thesis is written by the master student, ie the student of the last year of the Master’s degree program of the university. The obligation to write and defend the thesis is enshrined in the Higher Education Act.

While the seminar papers are in the competence of the respective teacher and the course work is managed by the relevant department, the master and dissertation work is modified by documents valid for the entire faculty. It is good to follow the instructions from the faculty or college so that you do not have administrative problems with approving the work.

It is necessary to approach the creation of the thesis responsibly from the time we choose the subject from which we will write the work. We are only looking for information about the way of writing the work, choosing the topic of submission, etc. on the faculty’s web site, where we will pass the final state examination.

  • master thesis – assignment
  • master theses are entered in the penultimate year. It is no harm to create an action plan at the time, ie to plan the process of selecting the assignment, creating the work and preparing for the defense in relation to the dates given by the faculty.

First of all, you need to clarify from which “subject” we will write the work. There may be different conditions – who wants to take the state exam in subject A, must write a “master” from the subject B. Then it is necessary to choose a topic from the offer of teachers.

Sometimes a graduate can design his / her own topic; it has already happened that such a topic was approved by the supervisor, but by the management of the department or faculty, not with the fact that the assignment exceeds a specified subject or field. The student learns this decision so late that he / she can no longer submit a new assignment in the given semester and thus delay the acquisition of the dream title by at least half a year.

Together with the supervisor, we will agree on what to fill in the job assignment form – there is the goal of the thesis, its contribution, the curriculum, the scope (60 – 80 pages plus attachments) and the list of literature. We will both sign the form, then the graduate will take it to the mail room or department and wait for the department to receive the approved assignment (sometimes it is posted on a bulletin board or the subject is approved by the dean).

If we create a master thesis in cooperation with an operational or research department (this is an obligation for some fields), we must also enclose a faculty contract with this department. We will hide the approved assignment carefully, and at some faculties it must become part of the bound work.

Some faculties allow graduates to suggest an opponent.

The thesis is submitted at least 3 weeks before the defense. Keep an eye on the exact date (the last day of submission). We will be pleased to prepare a basis for your master work for you. Time slip can happen and help fits. During this time, the supervisor and the opponent evaluate the work and write a report (example). The master will receive it about 5 days before the defense, and will read the “overall impression” of the defense where the defense questions will be directed. (The faculty may stipulate the obligation to prepare a presentation for the defense.)

The master thesis is to prove the student

  • has the ability to present both a written and an oral problem and a proposal for its solution.
  • has an overview of the relevant topic across the entire field
  • can apply theoretical knowledge from individual subjects in solving a particular task and that they can combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge gained during the processing of this work or in their own practice.
  • can use professional terms correctly
  • is able to create an expert text representing his / her expertise and ability to make appropriate adjustments.
  • can effectively select professional literature and work with it