Seminar work

The seminar is a written work that the student presents his / her theoretical or practical knowledge at the university. It is the most frequently commissioned work at university. Seminar work together with semestral, forms a pre-preparation of a student for writing final theses, such as bachelor thesis, master theses, rigorous thesis, dissertation and others. Writing essays that are of good quality is much harder than writing a few papers from high school.

Universities place emphasis on the professional side of seminar papers. The seminar usually has a range of 5-15 standard pages (depending on subject and teacher). It is written on a given topic, in which the student should prove his / her knowledge, the method of gathering information and evaluating it. The language of the seminar paper is expert and care must be taken to use terms from the field.

Writing seminar papers

After selecting the topics of the seminar work, we will prepare enough literature and literary sources that we will use in its processing. Studying the resources themselves is preceded by writing a seminar.

Formal adaptation of seminar work is more complicated than in a paper. Consists of:

Title page, which must contain the name of the seminar, the name and surname of the student, the title of the subject, the name of the teacher and the date of termination. Universities have specific requirements to modify the first page in guidelines for writing final papers, but these are mandatory.

  • Introduction is an entry into the issue. There is the issue of the seminar and the goal of the work.
  • The core work, the work itself on the topic. Unlike a semester, a seminar paper usually has no practical part. At the core of the work, the student elaborates the given issue based on the literature used. Students are expected to think critically, to select and develop literature and to draw logical conclusions. Seminar work can be supplemented with pictures, graphs, tables, which is not necessary.
  • Conclusion in which the student evaluates his / her work, summarizes the information obtained, the methodology used and the aims of the work.
  • The seminar bibliography is compiled according to the school’s internal standard or ISO 60 and ISO 60-2.

Also, unless specified otherwise, we use the standard page margin settings, ie, 2.54 cm, Times New Roman 12, and 1.5 spacing.