Parts of an English Essay

Now that you have are through with high school and are on your way to college, it is essential to have it at the back of your mind that you are not done with essay writing. In fact, in college, you will be required to improve your writing skills and come up with top quality essays to achieve the goal of getting top marks.

It is true that as you join college, you will be aiming to graduate with high honors. Keep in mind that this requires you to get good grades. Therefore, it stands to reason that you have to get top marks with every assignment that you face. Therefore, learning the best ways of crafting top essays is one way of helping you reach this goal. Remember, you will be writing lots of pieces before you graduate.

Understand that college professors expect students to hand in perfect works when given essay assignments, unlike high school. It then means that every essay submitted is carefully scrutinized. For college students to ace their essay writing assignments, they have to be proficient at writing these articles.

We understand that for one to come up with a top-notch essay, they have to understand the paper's structure first. At this stage, it would be best to point out that sometimes the professor would ask the students to follow a particular format. Here, the students have no other choice than to adhere to this instruction. Let us take a look at the typical structure that essays are usually written in. always ensure that your essay is structured in the following manner unless otherwise stated by your professors;


Also known as the introduction, this should be the very first section of your essay. Its primary purpose should be to entice the teacher and grab their attention at the very first glance. This part of your writing tells the teacher what your essay is about, but it also guides them on what they need to expect to find in the said article.

It is also important to remember to use your introduction to give some background info about the topic. Furthermore, after formulating your thesis statement, always ensure that it is housed here. Understand that it is a severe mistake to place your thesis statement in any other part of the essay.


The body section should be the central part of your essay. It is in this section that you provide the arguments that support your thesis statement. This is essentially where you provide all the researched data that relates to the theme of the essay.


It is in this section that you are required to give a closing argument for your paper. Here you tie together the article to leave the reader satisfied that the essay has adequately played the role of explaining its theme.

On the topic of an essay structure, this blog aims at showing students the ideal structure that the article should take. Understand that we are going to look at the generic form of an essay. As mentioned earlier, this structure should only be employed where the teacher has not asked you to use any other format.

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